Stepping Workshop Tour 2012

I love to teach, I’ve taught stepping over  the last 13 years to fellow steppers, I help trained new steppers, taught to people who wanted to learn a little something, I’ve created and revamped steps. I’ve taught with Jason and Khalid in many of their workshops and workshops for Step Afrika and Molodi where we taught be committee. Since May of last year I’ve been teaching my own workshops and I am having a ball doing it. I’m always looking for a new opportunities and expand my experience as a teaching. It’s like a new career. So I decided to do a SteppingWorkshop tour. The idea is to book dance studios in different parts of the world and teach Stepping Workshops in new places to new faces.. I’ve performed all over the country but I have not travelled as teacher so I am looking forward to this ever-growing and unfolding journey teaching. .. I don’t plan to quit my day job. LOL!

I will be using the blog to chronicle my steps in making this goal a reality. I’m not sure on how open I want to be in this process but I think it might be fun to share the highs and lows, I’m sure mostly highs. Pictures, videos, schedules, and updates will be here. I hope you walk with me on the path. PEACE!!

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