Thanks for coming, I’ve performed and travelled the country with Stomp, Step Afrika and my own company Molodi. My goal for the workshops is to give the building blocks of collegiate stepping and STOMP-style body percussion, plus work on rhythm and improve your musicality in every dance style. The workshop is a inclusive, interactive class where the approach is teaching and learning from one another in a supportive atmosphere. This site is dedicated to the passion for body percussion, music, creating and performing. Please come back and check in because there will be updates on events and new pictures and videos from classes. I love to talk to new people, so if you have any ideas, thoughts, comments please feel free.

I’ve wanted to be a performer since I was a child. I started stepping in college with a non greek group Rhythm Cartel and continue on to co-create Molodi. Over the last 10 ten years I’ve travelled most of United States performing with the off – broadway hit show “Stomp”, Step Afrika a D.C dance company based in traditional greek stepping and Molodi which is my pride and joy. I am a beatboxer, stand up comic, improv actor, writer and director. I believe my passion is people and entertaining. I think I do those two things very well among a few other, but I like to share and give the world the joy of creation and body music.

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