CJ3 is now international!


A message from Chris-

HERE IT IS!! I will be gone to MILAN, ITALY until the 10th of March! I will set foot, for the first time in europe, on my berfday!!!! I am going there to create a new piece for an italian artist’s tour starting this month! BODY PERCUSSION on the big screen!!! let’s get it.


Tiziano Ferro…. holy big productions! LiveNation knows how to get down…..If you are any where in italy from april 10 on thru the next couple months in a select group 20 cites, you can be 1 of the 15-18,000 people in any of the 30 shows to see a GIANT ME on crazy video screens!!!! oh wait, they are ALL sold out……..sorry!!

So to sum it up Chris is on tour working as a special guest choreographer and dancer with a major Italian record artist…

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