Additions to the wall!!!

It’s a privilege to be partnered with these individuals in the pursuit to get the stepping workshop tour on the road. These are great people because they’re help is making this project step closer to materialize. A special THANK YOU to the newest members of the WALL OF GRATITUDE,
Maythinee Washington
Doctah Love
Jo Cattell

They join fast growing list of producers/partners helping to give the art stepping/ body percussion to the world.
Teresa Ulring
Marisa Townsend
Jason Nious
Sasha Cordova
Suzanne Bettonville
Daniel Schwegler
LE BohemianMuse
Deven Chase
Sarah Lasaki

There are 13 days left to rise the funds for the Stepping Workshop Tour. The rewards are the beginning of the thank you process. Its starts with the physical rewards, continues with you being apart of something aimed to teach, share and give culture to many people, and ends with a great sense of accomplishment, acknowledgment and admiration for helping bring this wonderful vision to life.

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