13 days to go!!!!!

$346 pledged of the $2,500 goal with 13 days to go, The Tour starts April 20th and goes through June 9th. Its a mad dash to end and I’m still looking for help on this project. Since the first backer Teresa Ulring this project was put in motion and after 11 more backers we are at the no point of return. So as I look to the end of the fund rising stage and the beginning of the traveling and doing workshops stage I excited about the new adventure coming up soon.

I want you to join me on the journey and become a partner on the project. Have a hand in helping someone put there best foot forward and give the world a glimpse of what are the results of what you can be when you do what you love and have the love of people to propel you forward to reach your potential and inspire other to do the same.

www.kickstarter.com stepping-workshop-tour proposal

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