It’s happening bruh!

“it’s happening bruh!” that’s what Jayro told me as we talked about the tour. At this point there is $250 toward the $2500 goal has been risen and there still 30 days to meet the $2500 mark by April 30th. So it’s not over yet, I am still working, the project is starting to gain stream, and I could use all the help I can get.

To bring attention to the tour and my fund rising efforts, I’m sending out an email, my intentions are to reach as many people as possible. And I’ve gotten a great response so far. People wanting to help solidify venues and places to stay while I’m in their city, so ladies and gentleman the law of attention is in effect now. I want the best and most positive outcome or me and this project.

If were not aware I instituted THE WALL OF GRATITUDE for the people who contributed to the stepping workshop project. The wall is a part of the rewards package you receive when you make a pledge of $5 or more. Check out the proposal for more information.

Lets applauded
Teresa Ulring,
Marisa Townsend,
Jason Nious,
Sasha Cordova,
because they are members of the infinitely eminent WALL OF GRATITUDE and backers to the Stepping Workshop Tour Project. I want to thank them for their contributions. They have pushed this project in positive motion and basically are responsible for making a vision a reality. Most appreciative!

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