I’m back.. 2013 workshops

Morning, Afternoon and Goodnight, after a lengthy break from teaching and even a longer one from the blog. I got a second wind and I’m gearing up for 2013. Here are a few pictures of the last 6 months.

Getting us on the same page. In July I was in Oakland where I had a great time teaching at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. The Bay area has shown me a lot of love. Thank you and I will be back. In Aug I went back home to Albuquerque and taught at Maple Street Dance Space. So. much. fun. I really look forward to coming back, I also did a workshop at the African American Pavilion at the State Fair. The 2012 Wheatland Festival was a blast. I really had no ideas and reservations about everything. I was honored to be apart of it and I will see you guys next year. I went to Los Angeles and San Deigo in October. Me and my crew MOLODI went to to about 500 kids in Inglewood, then I went to Rubio’s performance space and taught a workshop for my good friend and former stomper Chris Rubio’s pupils. Now that.. was intense and fun. Those kids were on top of it. November and December have been quiet. January is going to be great..

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