Stepping Workshop L.A. @ The Edge

I spend 3 days in Los Angeles April 22-25. I taught at two elementary schools and did a workshop at the primo dance studio The Edge. It was dope. Chris Rutledge teaches there every Tues and was gracious enough to let me teach in his place. So it was a recipe for a great class I had Jason and Chris also taking the class plus new and eager students.

The next stop on the tour is las Vegas April 27 and 28. Doing a show Friday night and teaching Saturday Morning at The Stage. Both dates are links to two different events at the same place. The Master Dance exhibition on the 27th and The Workshop on the 28th. Hope to see you there. Also we still have 4 days left to raise the money for the Stepping Workshop tour. Without the funds I can not complete the tour as planned.

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