Part 1, the tour notes.

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Hey everyone, Seattle was great and a great way to conclude the 2012 Stepping Workshop April 20 – May 20. After the musical chair of scheduling, flights, space, rental cars, funding. This was what is shaped up to be

L.A                                                         Las Vegas
Tracey Elementary                             The Stage
Lorrine Miller Elementary
The Edge

Austin                                                   San Francisco/Oakland
Lake Travis High School                   Dance Mission theater
Tapestry dance studio                       Oakland Art Space
Black Swan Yoga

Washington Huskies Arena

The purpose for this project was to get to new places, meet people and network. Find a new audience my brand of teaching and style of percussion. In that aspect I definitely did that, On more than a few times people asked me when I was coming back or when the next class. So I know I made a positive impression. And hopefully I will be back to do it again.

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