Seattle is the next stop!

Oakland and San francisco has been so cool. I really can’t wait to be back to do some more teaching. This tour was about getting out to cities, meeting people and networking. Getting to places I havent been to and share Steppin with people. So far it’s has been a success. “When are you coming back” and “When do you teach again” are some of the first questions I get. The Bay area made me feel so welcomed I plan to make another trip in the fall.

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Next stop Seattle, I have two workshops to teach and I’m excited because I know nothing about this place. I only been there to do shows and not to teach. So the goal is to get to know this place better and rock these two workshop till the wheels fall off.

Hec Edmondson Pavilion Friay May 18 @ 4pm
Velocity Dance Center Saturday May 19 @ 2pm

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