The week in Austin was great and Austin is now one of my favorite cities to be in, I got a diverse look at this great city.

From Jason-
Austin can get it too! This week alone is turning out to be pretty sick!

-Stepping on rooftops, double back flipping in Barton Springs, running the streets of Austin with some zzzdope artists, overlooking Austin from the top of the capitol building, African dance class, trapeze class, teaching stepping workshops, stand-up paddle boarding, straight up murdering these health food smoothies from Juiceland, meeting random artists in the streets and bars and ending up having full on jam sessions, attending poetry slams, lots of laughing, reconnecting… LIVING!”

From Chris Saad, our host in Austin.
“Amazing day in ATX! P-Terrys, Rooftop Stomp Session, Juiceland, Barton Springs, Hopdaddy, Austin sightseeing from the very top of the Capital building, Spiderhouse, Kens doughnuts and Hotel Vegas.”

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That was one day of the 5 days in town.  Between all that we taught a few workshops, and that was as fun and diverse as you can get in Austin. We jammed at a High School, a yoga studio, and a dance studio. Chris Saad is a great percussionist and a wonderful host. He helped in a big way to book these venues and getting the word out. HA! oh he also filmed a lot and we will be showing you the edited footage also done by Chris real soon. How dope is that!

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