The Wall is growing!!

The Wall of Gratitude is a way for me to begin to show a deep gratitude to people for helping me achieve a goal, a dream, a vision, This life is a beautiful network of lives, creating, building, loving, and sharing, As a build towards my goal these are the individuals who giving to make this plan succeed. I want the world to know I am appreciative of these particular people for there help on the 2012 Stepping Workshop Tour.

Teresa Ulring
Marisa Townsend
Jason Nious
Sasha Cordova
Suzanne Bettonville
Daniel Schwegler
LE BohemianMuse
Deven Chase
Sarah Lasaki

The Wall is growing and anyone is interested in assisting me move this dream into a reality can still be apart of it. All of those people are just as much apart of this project as me. They are partners, and I want you and I to be partners in rising money and awareness for 2012 Stepping workshop Tour.

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