24 days to go!!!

$290 OF $2,500 GOAL has been pledged with 24 DAYS TO GO, The race is on to meet this mark. The Stepping Workshop Tour is beginning on April 20th and will end on June 9, (some dates subject to change) We are going to Nevada, California, Michigan, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Vancouver, Toronto , Montreal, Munster, and Barcelona. It is a great mission to get to all of those places and teach. The money raised will cover travel expenses for the tour. I would like to thank friends and family who have already help in some way to make this project move towards being a success.
 We are getting close to the end of the fund rising process and I can use all the help I can get. This process has been so much fun, getting the idea for the tour and putting the energy to start the project and now gearing up to actually go on the tour. The Creative process is wonderful and I want you to have a hand and be apart this movement. Check out the Stepping Workshop Tour page and see where you might be able to assist in achieving this goal.

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