Meet Jep Meléndez of CAMBUYÓN

Jep Meléndez of CAMBUYÓN is an awesome performer. And when I say “awesome” I mean a performer I would pay to see. He and Cambuyon are like Molodi and I am anxiously waiting patiently for the opportunity to work with the group. I had the chance to meet a few members when Molodi did The Body Music Festival last November. After meetin 3 of the 7 members Nestor, Raul, and Jep, I was impressed, amazed and inspired.

Cambuyón is a dance theatre performance group mixing tap dance, body percussion, hip-hop, voice, percussion and theatre to tell a story about rhythm fusion. Founded by Jep Meléndez, with the support of the company Enlace S.C. (Spain) and many collaborators, they use as a starting point rhythmic dance from a variety of folk dances. The artists are well-known performers and teachers of these particular dances and other percussive styles, demonstrating both the recovery of these dances and their subsequent crossing with more contemporary artistic and percussive styles, with particular emphasis on the voice and body music.

Check the Facebook page out

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