We’re asked how long did it take us to put together our show? How did we decide on what the pieces were going to be? Well the long answer is trial and error for the last 12 years. Making smaller steps and pairing it with other steps to make a full sequence. Then adding movement, transitions, and style. The short answer is we work our step like a jazz band. All of our steps and grooves have names. For example, This is a usual set.

Fly me to the moon

Change the groove

  1. Voltron
  2. H w/breakdown and spin
  3. 1913 Remixed
  4. Young Americans
  5. 1913 reprise
  6. Kickback
  7. Fresh Prince

These are some of the step we use in a given show and we practice a lot. Rehearsals are the place you get better and try new things and put to rest old ideas to give way to new ones.We grow tighter as…

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