One nation under the groove

Dear Friends,

In early November many of us had the great pleasure of attending the 4th International Body Music Festival in San Francisco. Artists from many parts of the world shared their versions of body music that, for all their variety, revealed a profound commonality — the roots of human music.  For me it was a joyous and deeply moving experience.  I was honored to be a part of a project that was simultaneously both traditional and uniquely innovative.

As you can imagine, producing this festival required the combined efforts of many people, including dozens of volunteers like myself.  It also required a financial outlay that far exceeded the box office income, even though the shows were full.  A major issue was the inordinate amount of money (and time) that was required to get visas for our international artists.  The roadblocks that our government puts in front of visiting artists and their hosts is a topic we should all be concerned about, but at the moment we are dealing with the very real financial fallout that we have been left with.  In order for us to continue to create an international forum for the world’s oldest form of music we need your support.  Would you join me in making a contribution to the International Body Music Festival through USA Artists?  Our goal is $12,500, and its one big “mutual match”.  We all make our pledge and if, heaven forbid, we don’t reach our goal, none of the contributions are accepted.  But I’m confident that the same spirit of cooperation and common purpose that infused the Festival will infuse our friends as well.  Please pledge whatever you can.  Any amount, large or small, will be deeply appreciated.

Jim Hogan

More information regarding our fundraising campaign at United States Artists here:

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