Music and love makes the world go round

If you are not familiar with Keith Terry, International Body Music Festival, body percussion, or body music. You are aware of the Music and the power of expression. You are aware of beauty that is made in and around your environment everyday. What I am getting at is my opinion of the building blocks of life, inspiration, passion, art, giving, purpose, and expression Supporting your local art scene, artist and art movements is important to everyone. Giving your time, money, or energy is what we need, to continue to give the world display passion and the inspiration to share our purpose. In hope you are inspired to express your self.

IBMF Fundraising Campaign! (facebook)

IBMF Fundraising Campaign! (

Festivals like The International Body Music Festival are wonderful, unique and powerful. After wrapping up the festival in the Bay Area early in November, they turn there sights to getting the festival up for next year (Oct 9th). Like a child it takes a village and every bit of support helps us closer to our goal.



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