Random thought into something

I love to see the teachers take stage and show first hand on why they teach and why they are qualified to do so. I love to see the artist in the teacher put on display once in a while. I’m referring to teachers of any kind breaking it down for there students. Dance teachers who still actively performs or doesn’t. Still breaking out a bar or two of there own material is exciting to watch. Its like your dad getting out on the court and surprising you with a couple jumpers just to let you know he still got it. I think its the thrill to know what you are being taught isn’t from a book but from a veteran who skill are field tested and approved.

With that being said The Master Dancer Performance  is that very idea. Great performers and teachers showing possible students, current students and a audience of dance enthusiast how they get down. You should check it out.

#ibmf, #molodi, #stppngwkshp, thestage

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